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Freshman Fest

Are you an incoming freshman (or the parent of one)? You'll want to sign up for this one!

For about 18 years, UD Hillel & Chabad - in conjunction with the Jewish Studies Department and the entire UD Jewish community - offer a remarkable program for all incoming Jewish students! 


Freshmen Fest (or #FreshFest) is 1.5 days of fun and games with other incoming Jewish students. Over the past decade-plus, students have met their best friends (their #JewCrew) on campus at Freshmen Fest…and all before the first day of classes even begins!


Our goal is to ensure that you begin your life at UD with an advantage that most other incoming students don’t have. By moving in two days before anyone else, you will get to meet over 200 UD students right from the start. You will also be more familiar with the campus than the average freshman. Seeing familiar and friendly faces throughout your first weeks will truly make you feel at ease. Plus, you’ll be moved into your room early, which means no crowds and no hassles!


It’s not only freshmen who you will be meeting; we have upperclassmen who return to be Ambassadors, Coordinators and as the Executive Committee for Freshmen Fest. They know it all, and are involved in activities all over campus. Go ahead, ask them what’s up; they're happy to talk with you. Also at Freshmen Fest, you can get information about social, musical, educational, athletic, religious, and social justice events sponsored by Jewish groups on and off campus.


If you have any questions -- hit us up!

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